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Confidentiality Policy

The Policy is to be read in conjunction with Certification Oceania’s Privacy Policy and Information/Data Security Policy.

All information relating to management system certification activities received by or made available to Certification Oceania staff, contractors or impartiality committee members shall be regarded as confidential within the provisions of ISO 17021 Conformity Assessment - Requirements for Bodies Providing Audit and Certification of Management Systems. The requirement to keep confidential any business-related information will also include any accreditation bodies/authorities which have a legitimate right to audit or evaluate Certification Oceania, and in so doing view client related records.

Where Certification Oceania is required by law to release confidential information to a third party, the client or individual concerned shall, unless regulated by law, be notified in advance of the information being provided to a third party; however, where a client has been observed by Certification Oceania personnel to be operating contrary to legal requirements or has operating practices which pose a danger and risk to staff or the public or the environment, Certification Oceania reserves the right to report (subject to the Directors authorisation) any such situations or incident to the relevant authority.

Certification Oceania held documents, data and records are held electronically in a secure manner with password access granted to authorised staff, as determined by the Director. Certification Oceania’s contracted assessors will be limited to accessing information produced by them in the conduct of the assessment.

All Certification Oceania employees, contracted assessors and Impartiality Committee members will be required to sign-off on this Confidentiality Policy.

Last updated: 9 December 2020

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