Publicly Available Information

Certification Oceania makes available via our website or upon request, the following:

  1. information about the services we offer and the regions in which we offer those services;

  2. information which explains what certification is about and what the different ISO certifications and other certifications that are available;

  3. details about the certification schemes managed and administered by Certification Oceania;

  4. Scheme Rules including:

  1. the certification process and procedures for granting, for maintaining certification; and for extending or reducing the certification scope;

  2. rights and responsibilities, and

  3. restrictions or limitations on the use of Certification Oceania's name and certification when awarded

  1. information on certification fees for those certification/s the client seeks;

  2. Complaints Handling information;

  3. Appeals Handling information;

  4. Privacy Policy;

  5. Information/Data Security Policy;

  6. Management of Impartiality Policy;

  7. Confidentiality Policy;

  8. Non-Discriminatory Principle;

  9. Quality Policy; and

  10. Code of Ethics.

Last updated: 9 December 2020

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