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What is Clinical Governance?

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Clinical Governance is documenting, implementing, auditing and certifying governance compliance with respect to such requirements as, but not limited to:

· statutory and regulatory compliance

· clinical standards, policy, systems, processes and procedure

· effective and credentialled workforce

· resource allocation

· clinical effectiveness

· appropriateness of care

· stakeholder participation

· clinical risk management

· continuing professional development

· communication effectiveness

· clinical performance monitoring, evaluation and review – for continual improvement

· clinical peer support and mentoring

· management of relationships

· credentialing/endorsement processes

· monitoring and reporting

· compliance criteria

· participation and relationship development policy

· board clinical governance responsibilities

· underlying quality principles

· population health planning, needs assessment and service delivery for improved community health outcomes

· capacity to deliver

· learning organisation

· mandatory performance standards

· performance measurement and evaluation

Certification Oceania can review and assess the effectiveness of Clinical Governance Frameworks and provide Boards and Senior Management with a Gap Analysis Report, which will benefit professional organisations in their continual improvement journey.

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