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What is Corporate Governance?

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Corporate Governance is documenting, implementing and Certifying governance compliance with respect to requirements such as, but not limited to the stewardship and oversight of:

· statutory and regulatory compliance

· vision - values and strategic planning

· code of ethics, or code of conduct

· legal and best practice (such as implementing and maintaining certification to iso standards)

· operational management

· financial management

· risk management

· product and service delivery

· information management/ information technology (it) and data security

· feedback and complaints management

· incident management

· resource management

· human resources management

· continuity of supports

· product and service effectiveness and performance

· continual improvement

· accountability and transparency

· board composition

· board role and authorities

· functions of the board

· governance standards

· legislation compliance risk register

· reporting of breaches

· skills based board

· directors code of conduct

· board meetings

· financial management, financial accountabilities and financial monitoring

· information management

· communication standards for board directors

· key interested parties’ engagement

· directors’ protection policy

· board delegations

· conflict of interest

· related party transactions

· board nominations, selection, and appointment

· director induction and orientation

· training and development for board directors

· board performance monitoring and evaluation

· executive appointments

Certification Oceania can review and assess the effectiveness of organisations’corporate governance and provide Boards with a Gap Analysis Report, which will benefit organisational governance and Board effectiveness.

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